Protech Security offer an extensive and extremely effective canine security solution, utilizing our highly trained dogs, certificated handlers and security guard specialists. Together, they can help protect any business or event, whether it is for a commercial or a domestic property in any location.

These dog units are an extremely effective visual deterrent, in some situations helping to cut down on the manpower needed on a normal static guarded site. Protech’s Dog Units are also ideal for those jobs too dangerous for regular security guards.

Fact: Most thieves would rather attempt a break-in at your premises with regular security guards, rather than trying to tackle a fully trained dog and handler.

A fully trained dog handler can offer a great level of security for your business. A trained dog and handler offers a great presence to help deter any threat. With a better sense of smell and hearing, a dog is more likely to detect intruders who could be missed by standard patrolling security officers.

Protech Security’s Dog teams- unbeatable for any assignment..!

Our skilled security dog units are highly trained to tackle any situation, whether it involves dealing with opportunist thieves or dealing with more organised criminals. Our highly skilled dog teams can carry out building searches, detection, crowd control at events and work towards overall protection and safety.

Ultimately safe guarding your investments and reputation!

Demonstration videos of the effectiveness of or K9 units.