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K9 Security Dogs

Professional Dog Security in Leeds, Bradford & Beyond

Reputable Security Provider of Canine Security For Over 20 Years

Protech Security offers an extensive and extremely effective canine security solution, utilising our highly trained security dogs, certificated handlers and security guard specialists. Our guarding service is augmented by our ability to deploy N.A.S.A.U Trained Canine Support Officers with a variety of working dogs from general guard dogs to drugs, explosives and Cadaver Detection Dogs. Together, we can help protect any business or event, whether it is for a commercial or a domestic property in any location. Dog Security units are an extremely effective visual deterrent, in some situations helping to cut down on the manpower needed on a normal static guarded site. Protech’s Dog Units are also ideal for those jobs too dangerous for regular security guards.

You can also rely on our experience, with over 20 years in the industry, and as such we are highly accredited and have excellent reviews.


Reduce The Security Threat To Your Business

A fully trained dog handler can offer a great level of security for your business. A trained dog and handler offers a great presence to help deter any threat. With a better sense of smell and hearing, a dog is more likely to detect intruders who could be missed by standard patrolling security officers. Our skilled security dog units are highly trained to tackle any situation, whether it involves dealing with opportunist thieves or dealing with more organised criminals. Our highly skilled dog teams can carry out building searches, detection, crowd control at events and work towards overall protection and safety.

What our clients say about Pro-Tech Security on

  • 5 star review  Fantastic Company to work with. I highly recommend them to everyone. Professional and polite staff.

    thumb Bernard-Daniel Armstrong
  • 5 star review  When I was a duty manager at Bar Soba, both the doormen and the ops managers were great. The doormen were quick to act if there was an issue and the ops manager quick to respond. The director of the company, Joe is very hands on and would make regular appearances to ask how things are going. I would definitely recommend this company when searching for door staff.

    thumb Jennifer Armitage
  • 5 star review  Great company to work for. Staff are always so helpful. Whenever I can work extra hours they always accommodate and are extremely professional. Operations manager is great as he always out of courtesy calls and asks if any issues have arisen. Brilliant company to work for and I would highly recommend them to other door supervisors or venue managers.

    thumb Imran Ali
  • 5 star review  Great service from doorstaff. Friendly and reliable. They do a great job at our venue. 5 stars thank you

    thumb Racheal Connolly
  • 5 star review  I've used the Pro-tech team for several large events now. Always early, always friendly and always ready to work with my team onsite. Any situations with drunk customers have always been swiftly and carefully diffused. I recommend this team to everyone.

    thumb Anja Madhvani

Fully Licenced and Accredited

Trusted Security Provider to Businesses in Leeds & Beyond

Why Choose Pro-tech Security

Over 30 years in the Security Industry
Excellent Reviews
Free Business Security Survey
After Sales Support & Servicing
Experts in Business Security
Latest and emerging technology
Servicing businesses across Yorkshire
Tailored Security Packages
24 Hour Support
Highly Accredited Company