Security SIA Licensed Door Supervisor

The modern SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licensed Door Supervisors are required to work mainly within the entertainment and leisure industry, this may include working at all kinds of licensed venues or events including ; theatres,cinemas,music festivals,bars,clubs indoor and outdoor events or sporting events.

What is the difference between a Doorman and a Pro-tech SIA Licensed Door Supervisor ?

Training,Education & Standards

The new wave of SIA Door Supervisors has to be adaptable and multi skilled to deal with many different environments and situations.In the past the main criteria to be a Doorman or Bouncer was that you had to look the part,and the main skills required were to be able to handle yourself.Now today the new role of the Licensed Door Supervisor is so much more than that.

All our services and performed in line current industry guidelines and best practice,including British Standard BS 7960:2009, this is the British Standard for Door Supervisors.